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The Changing Face of Earth - Canada's Geology - Lowlands - Hudson-Artic



Plate Tectonics

Geologic Time


Canada's Geology
...Canadian Sheild
........Interior Plains
........Great Lakes-St. Lawr.



The south-western shore of the Hudson Bay - James Bay is a very flat, low area which is covered by swampy forest. During the last ice age, the waters of the Hudson Bay covered this are. Known as the Hudson Bay Lowlands this region has a layer of sedimentary rock which covers the ancient rock layer of Canadian Shield.

The other area of the lowlands, known as the Arctic Lowlands, is made up of a series of islands located above 60 degrees N latitude. These islands have a gently rolling landscape. The harsh climate does not permit farming since the ground is frozen most of the year. But mining is a major occupation since the sedimentary rock of the Palaeozoic era consisted of lignite (a form of coal), oil, and natural gas deposits.